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Student Profile: Jasper

Jasper on the left, photo by Rich Kolbell


Jasper is in his first year of BRAVO, playing clarinet at Cesar Chavez School. He is 8 years old and in 3rd grade.

He is very happy to be learning how to read music and to play an instrument. His mom used to play the accordion and his great grandpa played violin. He is interested in jazz. He enjoys the songs he learns at BRAVO but sometimes “they get stuck in my head.”

He thinks he may want to be a musician because it’s fun to play music but also fun, he thinks, to create your own music.

He plays his clarinet at home after he reads, and it makes him happy. it also calms him down. He sometimes talks to his clarinet.

Jasper is very proud that he was selected to be in the BRAVO program.

Profile by Bonnie Reagan

Student Profile: Esmeralda

  Her hands move like dancers, seamlessly forming the hand symbols for DO RE MI, the singing language the Rosa Parks Elementary School BRAVO students learn for reading music. The language is called solfége, and Esmeralda started learning it as an eight year old in third grade, in BRAVO’s very first class. With the music… Continue Reading

Partner Profile: Sgt. Jim, the Piano-playing Policeman

Sgt. Jim Quackenbush has a number of prominent tattoos, which is probably unusual for a police officer.  Even more unusual is what those tattoos are: he proudly wears composer Frederic Chopin on one forearm and Ludwig van Beethoven on the other. A second generation public servant, Jim is also a highly trained classical pianist. He has performed… Continue Reading

Board profile: Bonnie Reagan

  Most of our BRAVO family knows Dr. Bonnie Reagan as the co-founder and board president of BRAVO Youth Orchestras.  You might not know that she was recognized as the Oregon Family Doctor of the Year in 2010.  You almost certainly don’t know that Bonnie is also the new board president of El Sistema USA, the… Continue Reading

Family Profile: Michelle and Veronica

Michelle joined BRAVO Rosa Parks as a second grader in 2014. A year later, her mother Veronica joined our staff as the Family Coordinator. We were delighted that mother and daughter spent so much time together during BRAVO’s third year. We’re sad to see Veronica move on this year, but she’s staying here in our community… Continue Reading

Student Profile: Yvonne

  Yvonne just finished 5th grade at Cesar Chavez School, where she has studied flute at BRAVO for the past year. Yvonne is the youngest in a large family and if you’re trying to find her in a crowd, just look for the cat ears she likes to wear every day.  Here’s a testimonial she wrote and shared… Continue Reading

Student Profile: Sapphire

Sapphire just finished 5th grade at Rosa Parks School, and she has studied violin at BRAVO for the past two years along with her younger sister Naima. In addition to her musical abilities, Sapphire is an excellent writer and public speaker. She wrote the following testimony herself and shared it with a large crowd at… Continue Reading