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BRAVO Scholarship Fund

Thank you for your donation to support the
kids and families of Bravo Youth Orchestras!

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Your donated gift helps bring high-quality music instruction to children who need it most.

  • $25 Provides a set of strings
  • $50 Provides a bow
  • $100 – Buys a stand and 2 chairs
  • $250 – Buys one student violin
  • $500 – Buys one student trumpet
  • $1,000 Sends the BRAVO orchestra on a field trip to the Symphony
  • $2,500 Supports one student for an entire semester (180 hrs) of rigorous, engaging music instruction

BRAVO relies on financial support from generous individuals and foundations to provide this high-impact program free of charge to some of the poorest families in our community.  Please join our movement and donate today.  To make a gift by check, please make payable to:

BRAVO Youth Orchestras

PO Box 17356

Portland, OR 97217

If you would like to make a gift of securities, please contact us:  


“Culture for the poor must never be poor culture.  We must have the best instruments for the poorest children, the best teachers for the poorest children and the best buildings for the poorest children.”  – José Antonio Abreu, founder of El Sistema