BRAVO Profile: Maite

Maite is a 10 year old 5th grade student at Cesar Chavez School. Although she is growing up with music in her house, she is the first in her family to play an instrument. She used to sing in a choir, and is delighted now to have the opportunity to play in a band and orchestra program. She is in her second year as a clarinet student at BRAVO Cesar Chavez.

Maite says that music “teaches me better manners at the same time that is is fun. It helps me to listen better and be more understanding.”

She is proud to play the clarinet, although sometimes she wishes she played flute, as she thinks it is a “more popular’ instrument. Her favorite music is “Phantom of the Opera.” She sometimes plays music at night to relax her.   “Music helps me escape from all my responsibilities and chores, ” although she eventually does them. Mate is proud of being chosen to be in BRAVO.

Maite has a lot of interests, like art and volleyball. She wants to be an obstetrician when she grows up,” to give someone a new chance.”  She is proud of her family and of “everything I have.I admire my parents and my teachers because they teach me to be stronger and more confident.”

profile by Bonnie Reagan
portrait by Rich Kolbell

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