BRAVO student profile: Joshua

portrait by Rich Kolbell


“I learned about BRAVO in first grade. No one can stop me; I’m gonna go.”

So starts this conversation with 8 year old Joshua, a third grader at Cesar Chavez School. He is a flutist in his first year with BRAVO. He is from a musical family; one sister plays flute, another electric bass and a third percussion. He loves playing the flute. “I like learning the notes, and I like the music it makes, and I like playing with other kids. It’s fun and it’s funny. I like to laugh a lot.”

“There’s no way I can go away from BRAVO.  I take my flute home and play for my sister and my mom and dad and for my dog, Conchita Rosita Negrita Lathan. I like rap without bad words because I’m a little kid. I like jazz and church music.” 

How does Joshua feel about his first few months with BRAVO?  “BRAVO has taught me a lot about music-woodwinds, brass, percussion. Playing music in a group has changed me at home and at school. It makes me listen really, really well.  BRAVO makes me feel very happy and grateful every day.”

What does Joshua like beyond his musical activities?  “I like dinosaurs and fast cars.  I want to make video games. I like my friends and I like myself.”

profile by Bonnie Reagan

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