About Our Students

Celebrating diversity, addressing equity

Rosa Parks School has the highest rate of poverty (+95%) of any public school in Portland, and the student body is among the most diverse, with eighteen languages spoken and families from five continents.



BRAVO honors the unique contributions of each child and family. One way we celebrate our diversity is by learning and performing music from folk traditions and countries around the world including South Africa, Russia, Mexico, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Zimbabwe, and more. We are committed to increasing access to the highest quality music education for the families least able to afford it, and by serving Rosa Parks students right in their school building each afternoon with a tuition-free program, BRAVO removes the primary barriers to participation.

“I’ve always known there were wonderful musicians in the halls of my school.  But until BRAVO started, they never had the chance to discover that gift of music inside themselves.” –  Principal Tamala Newsome, Rosa Parks School