Student Profile: Alessandro

photo by Rich Kolbell

Alessandro is a 5th grader at Sitton Elementary in his first year at BRAVO’s newest after-school program.  “I like being in BRAVO.  Both my mom and I are excited about it. I am not interested in playing sports. I tried violin, and I liked it but chose cello to try something different. I am also learning piano with Play It Forward. I like singing, learning new notes and a new language (Italian, like “crescendo”), learning both the treble and bass clef.  I like classical music, like Ode to Joy.”

Alessandro wants to be a zoologist and/or a musician when he grows up. (We certainly think he can do BOTH!)

Alessandro says being in BRAVO has changed him: “I think more about music; I pay more attention. And I can use instruments to say what I want to say.  I want to play all my life. BRAVO makes me feel less nervous.  It makes me feel like I’m home. I get nervous at school sometimes, but not in BRAVO.  Music calms me down.”

He and his mom moved to Portland where his aunts live so they could have support while he attends school and his mom works. “I admire my mom; she is a warrior, very strong. She’s a hero for me. My grandmother still lives in the other country but she visits sometimes.” When asked if anyone in his family plays music, Alessandro answers, “Sadly, no, just me. I’m also the only fluent English speaker in my family, so I help my family.  It feels great to help my family.”

“I am proud of everything I’ve done in BRAVO. I felt super-proud in my recital.”

profile by Bonnie Reagan

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