Student Profile: Yvonne

Yvonne with flute
Photo by Rich Kolbell


Yvonne just finished 5th grade at Cesar Chavez School, where she has studied flute at BRAVO for the past year. Yvonne is the youngest in a large family and if you’re trying to find her in a crowd, just look for the cat ears she likes to wear every day.  Here’s a testimonial she wrote and shared her fellow students and the families of BRAVO Cesar Chavez on the final day of the program this past school year. Don’t worry about the elevator shaft in the music room – we’ll get our room back in September!

“The time I have spent in this orchestra was fantastic. We’ve had many laughs, shouts, jokes and memories in this room. I’m sad to leave it [for summer break] and not be able to play my flute in here after today. I’m sad to see the room I was standing in earlier today get turned into an elevator shaft. But I’m glad to look back on all the laughs this group has had, I’m glad to have been given the opportunity to play a flute and have this new, big bright path of music opened up for me today, now since Rosa Parks came over and played for us, and wanting to be just them or better like many others. So many others signed up and somehow I was chosen as one of the 25 (now 21) students to learn this new skill. I got to meet so many new people and got to go so many new places just because I signed a piece of paper and got lucky just because of me listening to some classical music and you seeing something special in me. I seriously can’t thank you guys enough for making me part of the BRAVO family. I’ll miss seeing everyone over the summer, I’ll miss Mr. Eccleston having us play Largo a million times and making us feel like part of this family we created.  I’ll see you this September. – Yvonne”

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