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Through intensive orchestral instruction and performing arts practices, BRAVO offers dynamic after-school programs that foster teamwork, self-control, and focus. BRAVO offers a variety of activities including orchestra rehearsals, sectionals with a low student-to-teacher ratio, guest artists visiting, and regular performances at local and regional venues.


Performing Arts

This choir class is for students in grades 3-5 and will meet 2-4 days per week for 30 weeks. The class is led by a highly trained and experienced teaching artist, and focuses on proper vocal techniques, different genres of music, simple music theory, sight reading, and composition. In addition to musical skills, students will also learn the value of teamwork, kindness, collaboration, respect, diversity, and discipline. This class provides a sense of cultural affirmation and belonging, performance exposure opportunities, and creative space for the student voice to be centered. Schools served: Rosa Parks Elementary & Sabin Elementary

Youth Orchestras

This BRAVO program provides music education services to students in grades 3-5 at four different schools. Services include general music literacy, instrumental proficiency, choral singing, solfege, sectional rehearsals, small ensembles, private lessons, full orchestra, and student-led composition. In addition to musical skills, students will learn the value of teamwork, kindness, collaboration, respect, diversity, and discipline. Benefits of the program include field trips and performance opportunities. Schools served: Rosa Parks Elementary, Cesar Chavez K-8, James John Elementary, and Peninsula Elementary 

This is an intermediate/advanced level program for students who have been in the program for at least 2 years and have mastered a certain level of proficiency. The program offers intensive music instruction 10-12 hours per week for 30 weeks, led by experienced teaching artists. In addition to learning advanced musical skills, students will also learn teamwork, collaboration, respect, diversity, and discipline. Benefits of the class include field trips, increased performance opportunities, and a sense of cultural affirmation and belonging. Schools served: George Middle School

High School Program

The BRAVO HS Mentorship program is designed to help high school students mentor younger students and learn important skills like goal setting, work ethic, and effective communication. The program also offers internship opportunities for students to gain work experience in areas like grant writing and event planning. Finally, the program provides time and space for high school students to improve their musical skills by participating in student-led chamber music ensembles.


The BRAVO organization provides one hour of weekly music and performing arts instruction to early elementary students in various schools. The program is operated in partnership with certified music teachers and school staff, and provides benefits such as the development of fine motor skills, increased family and school engagement. It also helps establish a technical foundation for the more intensive after-school programming that BRAVO provides.

The BRAVO In-school Headstart Residency Program provides a weekly music class for preschool students at Clarendon Early Learning Academy. The class is led by a highly trained and experienced Teaching Artist, with assistance from a PPS teacher or other district-employed staff member. The In-school program is complementary and foundational to BRAVO’s After-school Programs, and benefits include improved executive functioning and other neurological processes, development of fine motor skills, development of both individual and group performance skills, and the opportunity to introduce students to the BRAVO After-school Programs. Schools Served: Clarendon Early Learning Academy

Community Programs

Under the baton of Maestro Giancarlo Castro D’Addona, BCO offers the opportunity to students, BRAVO’s staff, and community musicians to play and learn new repertoire in an orchestral environment developing listening skills, fosters respect for others, and a sense of belonging.

Rehearsals are on:

Fridays from 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Buckley Auditorium on the University of Portland campus                                 

5000 N Willamette Blvd, Portland OR 97203

If you are interested in joining BCO, please contact orchestra manager, Marian Gutierrez-Curiel at [email protected]


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The power of the arts can transform a child’s life. BRAVO Youth Orchestras is possible thanks to the incredible generosity of hundreds of donors and dozens of volunteers. With your support we have the ability to shape successful leaders for tomorrow by fostering the creative minds of our youth today. Discover the different ways you can support our mission and become part of our philanthropic community.