Program Spotlight: BRAVO Elementary Choir

In BRAVO Elementary Choir class students learn proper vocal techniques such as good breathing, blending, pitch, and harmony. Students explore and sing different genres of music. In addition to learning musical skills students, receive social/emotional support and have a safe space to be themselves, learn the value of teamwork, kindness, collaboration, respect, diversity, and discipline.

In December, after our return from the strike hiatus, we wasted no time and dove straight back into our music to prepare for both our December Showcase and our momentous Bravo 10th Anniversary March performance. With just one week to spare for our Showcase, we eagerly worked extremely hard by rekindling the students’ muscle memory and recalling what they had learned so far. Despite the month-long break, they performed really well, leaving me as the teacher thrilled to witness their engagement and focus. We have expanded our repertoire by incorporating new music that includes foreign languages, soulful melodies, and movement/dance arrangements. This is super exciting and the students seem to like it as well.

In January and February, it has been great to have consistent class time rehearsing with the choir students. Though we did lose time due to the ice storm, when we got back to school, we were excited to see each other and jump back into work. All of the students are very excited to perform their songs they’ve been working on for the past months at the BRAVO 10th Anniversary. We are currently working on a series of new warmups, stage etiquette, and introducing diction training especially for our language pieces and phrasing.

Submitted by Asia Austin – BRAVO Choir Teaching Artist

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